Alcohol Problems

I know, I know… this title sounds very extreme! But as I mentioned before, I created this blog to talk about my everyday life.

Well, ¬†one of the problems I have encountered in the past is my taste for alcohol ( It’s only a problem when I can’t take it with me ) LOL!

Sometimes having alcohol with you helps make you enjoy nature just a little bit better. As you here in Colorado while weed is legal (medicinal) alcohol isn’t. So if you are like me we have to conceal everything even when we will be the only ones out in the mountains or out in the fields.

So I did my research and I and experimented with few products, what I was looking for was something that allows me to pack in my small backpack or cooler a little of booze to help me to go to sleep during my camping nights, as you surely know not all national parks allow alcohol in their properties, specially if its in a glass bottle.

So this product has been with me for a while now and I must say… I LOVE IT!

If you are like me you will find this essential for your trips. They are called BoozeCruise Flasks . You can get them cheap on Amazon or here as well

Again, please don’t judge!

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